Invite author Amy Cherrix to your school and students will embark on a quest to discover where the best stories are hiding: in plain sight. Amy offers a beyond-the-page look at the making of her books, from the unlikely places she finds her ideas, to the ways in which she uses elements of fiction writing to craft edge-of-your-seat non-fiction books.

Amy is also a children’s book editor who has worked with educational publishers, non-profits, teachers, and librarians. With a master’s degree in children’s literature, and years of experience as a children’s bookseller, she knows how to engage even the most reluctant readers. 


This presentation puts you in . . .

Jeopardy 3.jpg

The game show, actually! Amy’s interactive talk empowers the audience to steer her remarks by choosing from topics like: STRANGER THAN FICTION, WEIRD BUT TRUE, YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS, BUT... 

Each category reveals secrets about her process as a writer, fascinating stories from her books, and how she dared to become a writer in the first place.  (*Spoiler alert* there were obstacles!)

In-school presentation format

Amy presents one, two, or three talks a day, preferring large groups (maybe an entire grade level) and is prepared to spend the whole day. Feel free to suggest groups she might like to chat with during the lunch hour. Any future writers on the newspaper staff or literary journal? Is there a science club? Have a band of eager readers taking part in Battle of the Books? Amy loves to discuss books, writing, and science with anyone who has questions. She is also prepared for in-school book signing events, as well as interviews by school media (print and digital) and/or local media.

There will be time for questions at the conclusion of the presentation. The audience is encouraged to come with prepared questions, but Amy can also to hold a session that’s entirely Q&A-based for smaller groups. This format works best when students have read her book.


Skype format

Amy is happy to Skype with individual classrooms or other small, combined groups of students. 

QUICK CHAT AMA - Ask Me Anything! Do you have questions about Amy's books? Her writing process? Need advice on ways to make research fun? Tips on how to become an author or a better writer? Anything goes, but this format works best when questions are prepared in advance. 

ONE HOUR SKYPE VISIT - an hour-long Skype visit that includes discussion of Amy's books, works-in-progress, and a Q&A. This visit can also be tailored to address specific requests of teachers and media specialists.

For more information on school visits email: